About Us

Mr. R.K. Khanna commenced the practice in the year 1956 under the name ‘R.K. Khanna & Co.’. In 1963, with the addition of a Partner, the name was changed to ‘R.K. Khanna & Associates’. From 1970, the practice was continued under the name ‘Khanna Mathur & Associates’. The practice was reorganized in 1978 under the present name ‘R.K. Khanna & Associates.

Man Power

The Partners of the Firm have experience ranging from a maximum of 41 years to a minimum of 10 years, averaging about 35years.
The Partners and the Employees of the Firm have experience in diversified fields and disciplines, and as a team, therefore, are able to offer a wide range of speciality services to their clients and are well equipped to give full justice to all types of assignments.
A contingent reserve force arrangement enables the Firm to accept any assignment, with the staff strength not being a constraint, but on the contrary, a significant strength.


The Firm has its head office in Mumbai and a branch in Bangalore. Both the offices are strategically located in the most leading business areas.
The Firm has well equipped offices, with in-vogue communication equipments and the latest computer systems.

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